Competition Formats & Rules


Club Championship

There are 4 qualifying competitions in April/May/ June.  The players with the top 15 gross scores go into a seeded draw to join last year’s Champion in a match play format.


Stroke play

Played as a 36 hole medal competition over one day in late June, to find the club’s best gross medal player.  Open to golfers with a category 1 or 2 handicap (plus to 12.4).


Morley Hughes

An open draw which starts in April and is played as a match play event with a full handicap difference.


Woosnam Cup

36 hole Medal  event played over 2 days in mid-May.


Windsor Cup

Played as a foursomes match play pairs competition with an open draw, starting in April.  Handicap allowance is 1/2 difference between aggregate handicaps of each side.


Captain’s Cup

Players with the top 8 net scores on Captain’s Day go into an open draw for a full handicap difference match play event.


Monthly Medal Champoin

The 2017 Medal Champion will be the player that has the best four round average from the nine monthly medal competitions, starting with the January Medal and finishing with the September Medal.
In the event of a tie, the best card of each tied competitor will be compared, the winner being the one with the lowest score. If still tied, the winner will be decided on back 9, back 6 etc. of best cards.


Infirmary Cup 

FULL bogey event played over 18 holes.  Competition is open to Ladies and Gents.


Golfer of the Year

Players are awarded points in each competition played from January to September relative to their finishing position.  The winner is the player who amasses the most points in this period.


Centenary Cup

Four-ball (better ball) pairs match play competition with an open draw, starting in April.  Player with lowest handicap to concede strokes to the other 3 players based on 3/4 of the difference between the full handicaps.


Llewellyn Trophy

18 hole pairs event.  There is a ⅞ handicap allowance and individual stableford scores are aggregated.


Tom Hughes Cup

18 hole medal tournament for players over 50 years of age.


Buck Rabbits

Medal played over 18 holes and open to golfers with a category 3 or 4 handicap (13 to 28).  Played on same day as the Stroke play.


JT Hughes Shield

Full stableford event over 18 holes, played for in the first week of August.


Swans Cup

27 Hole competition

Category 3 or 4 player partnering Category 1 or 2 player( Rabbit + Tiger)

9 holes Fourball Betterball Medal (1/2 of each players handicap) in the morning

18 holes Greensomes Medal ( ½ combined handicap,pick best drive then play alternate shots) in the afternoon.


McMordie Winter League

Competition runs from early January to end March each year.

Full Stableford competition each week.

Total of best 4 cards over the defined period to count( may change if weather restricts no of weeks play possible) .

Winner will be the competitor with the highest total score.

In the event of a tie the best card of each tied competitor will be compared ,the winner being the best card with the highest score.  If still tied the winner  will be decided on back 9, back 6 etc of best cards .